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Ghana from A to Z

Hi there! We have been teaching the ABC's many, many times in Ghanaian schools; in English, in French, even by using sign language! Now let's bring the game here too! Topic: Ghana.

A for ampe, a children's game including jumping and clapping.

B for black soap, an all natural soap made of plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves etc.

C for church, something that majority of Ghanaian Christians wouldn't skip on Sundays!

D for dance, like Azonto & Alkayida. Have you already heard ot THE CRAZIEST One Corner dance?

E for elephants, which you can see (if you're lucky) in Mole National Park in the North of Ghana.

F for fufu, the traditional food of the Akan tribe. You eat it with your right hand! A must try.

G for Ga, a language and a tribe. Ga-people inhabit the Greater Accra region of present day Ghana.

H for hiplife, a musical style blending traditional highlife, and hip-hop music.

I for ice kenkey, a sweet, cold & thick drink made of kenkey, milk and spices.

J for jollof, the famous and delicious rice dish from Gh... or which country wins the battle?

K for kente, a colorful woven cloth native to the Akan ethnic group.

L for Labadi beach, the beach that never sleeps. Parties, gigs and fun on the beach!

M for Makola market, a large and busy market place in the center of Accra.

N for names! The Akan people often name their children after the week days they were born.

O for oware, a national wood carved strategy game of Ghana.

P for palm wine, an alcoholic drink created from the sap of of palm tree.

Q for queen mother, powerful women playing a central role in traditional governance in communities.

R for reggae, a music genre played all around Ghana. Did you know that Rita Marley lives in Ghana?

S for Star, the most popular lager beer aside Club beer. Black Stars is the national football team.

T for trotro

U for universities. There's six public & over 15 private universities, with 12 polytechnics in Ghana

V for Volta Lake, one of the world's largest artificial lakes in the Volta Region of Ghana.

X for xylophone, one of the traditional hand-made instruments commonly played in Ghana.

Y for YFM, a popular urban youth radio station broadcasting across Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Z for zongo, Hausa speaking Muslim communities inhabiting areas in large towns.

It was hard choose among all the great Ghana-things! Did we miss something absolutely important? Write your favorites and their definitions in the comment box below! Yeda W'ase! ;)


Hanna & Maria


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