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Who else wants to fall in love with Ghana?

It's not all that simple to recommend traveling destinations for people as everyone has his / her wishes, expectations and reasons for the trip. But why would I recommend Ghana as your next destination? What makes me love Ghana so bad?

Well, Ghana is warm and sunny, colorful and tasty. It stimulates your senses with strong, heady scents, spicy, exotic foods and sweet & fresh fruit sold in every corner. Cooling sea breeze in the evenings, noisy and crowded yet exciting marketplaces.

Ghana is a combination of mysticism, tradition, old, new, happiness and freedom. The people are amazing - always friendly, helpful and warmly welcoming.


The prevalent atmosphere is timeless and joyful and every day offers new adventures, experiences and tons of thoughts. One can combine culture, sports, beach life, and history altogether for a memorable stay.

Big cities like the capital Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi all offer a wide range of activities yet they all have their unique roots and vibes. Takoradi in the Western coast is a fast growing area where many local and international companies have found great business opportunities. Blazing hot Tamale is the "Northern capital" of Ghana where the Islamic traditions are dominant. Kumasi is for culture.

Cape Coast, the old capital city in Central Region is beautiful with its old architecture, hilltop roads and the blue ocean with hundreds of colorfully painted fishing boats. Horribly stories from the past are whispering in the wind; Ghana's largest slave castle's are located here. Cape Coast is also a well-known and international student city.

Small, quiet villages surrounded by nature offer good counterbalance for big cities. For example in Ada one can sleep under the stars on the beach, right next to a place where Ghana's largest river Volta meets the Atlantic ocean. The boat trip along the river with its tortoises and crocodiles is a must-see! Most people from Ada Foah village earn their living from fishing and tourism.

Busua and Cape 3 Points are also two lovely fishing villages in the Western Coast of Ghana.

These places will amaze you with their peacefulness, mysticism and authenticity! The beauty of nature in both places will leave you speechless. (And it's not everywhere in Ghana whee you can actually enjoy a clean beach and the sea.)

”I open the door early in the morning and there it stands,

a huge creature right in front of me! I close the door fast

and think about what the h*** just happened.

I open the door again and yes, there it still is,

a beautiful elephant just some meters away from me!

I wear a scarf around me and step out into the cool morning air.

In a while I find myself sitting in a Jeep.

I'm on my way to see how the sun rises over the Mole national Park.”

Mole National Park in the North is at its best during the driest season, between January and March. There's a many exotic animal species to be seen like elephants, hippos, monkeys and crocodiles. Ghana is also well-known for its bird diversity. Also Ghana's rain forests and waterfalls are worth exploring!

”I stood there and felt with all my senses how the storm was coming.

The wind carried everything on its way away,

the dust clouds whirled around the street,

I could smell the rain coming.

How the clouds in the sky moved fast and the wind was cool.

It rained for the whole day.”

Remember the rain and dry seasons when planning your trip!

To my opinion Ghana has developed quite a lot in terms of tourism and hospitality in the past years. It's also one of the top emerging economies in Africa. The country is an active player in the African Union and is globally known e.g. on football fields and in the fashion world with colorful & dashing prints and clothing.

Ghana is a safe country with political stability. It's democratic - everyone has the right to say and be what ever they want to. Of course there are many taboos too, a lot of things that are not said, talked about or confessed, but as Ghanaians tend to say:

”Feel free, Ghana is freedom and justice.”

Talking about safety, though there's a risk of falling sick with some tropical diseases there's always good healthcare available. And I'm talking with a lot of experience!

All in one Ghana has got something to offer for everyone! My personal top 5 Ghana-things looks like this:

1. Easy-going lifestyle and people

2. Culture: habits, traditions and FOOD!

3. The sun, heat, reggae and the sea

4. Nature

5. Colors, print cloths & arts - and the colorful stories about Ghanaian life and people!

This beautiful country makes me return back over and over again. More stuff about Ghana coming soon! Before that, go check GBG on Instagram: GoBeyondGhana - awesome photos from our travels!

Sunny days ahead!



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